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Ask Me Anything

Ever wished you could pick the brains of a sales enablement professional from one of the world's top brands?

Maybe you're grappling with an issue at your company and want to find out how they've risen to a similar challenge, seeking advice and insight on career development from someone at the top of their game, or keen to learn more about their strategies for success?

Got a very specific question?

That's what our AMA series is here for - a chance to tap into the experience and expertise of sales enablement leaders from the likes of Google, IBM, PayPal, Ericsson and more (you can read the Q&As from our previous sessions here)!

When: Every other Tuesday, 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm UTC.
💻 Where: SEC's LinkedIn page - keep an eye out for our posts about the latest speakers.
🙋 How: Just pop your question into the comments under the LinkedIn post.

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Or are you keen to share your own experience and expertise?

We're always on the lookout for sales enablement superstars to join our AMA line-up. If you fancy taking center stage, get in touch!