Find out how to supercharge your sales intelligence and enhance your data-driven decision making with the right tools and strategies with Felix Dumitrica, Head of Sales Enablement Europe at Freshworks.

Tracking sales metrics is vital for any business invested in real progress. Having a solid measurement process in place can really drive continuous growth while flagging strategic issues along the way. But, while sales metrics do give a high-level picture of overall performance, they simply cannot show how each area of a sales team is performing and how that team can be optimized.  

Join Felix's presentation on October 29 to discover what you need from your metrics to measure sales performance and gain a deeper insight into your sales organization.

We sat down with him for a few quick questions to give us a taste of his upcoming talk:

Your talk focuses on the challenge of measuring selling vs measuring sales - why do you think metrics are important for a robust sales enablement practice?

Sales Enablement teams can leverage certain lagging metrics to see where salespeople are struggling along the buyer’s journey and start tactical projects, and leading metrics to maximize certain outcomes.

Have you experienced emerging roadblocks in implementing successful measurement tactics due to the transition to remote work?

No. Measuring is still an easy task, the challenges came from changing what we were usually measuring, as nowadays it's only inside sales.

What are some key takeaways that attendees can expect from your talk?

Understanding the emerging role of sales enablement & getting a different perspective on how to use the metrics.

About Felix Dumitrica:

Felix is a sales professional with over 15 years of experience. He is passionate about sales enablement and shaping better ways of working within and around B2B Sales organizations.

Taking on different sales and sales management roles in complex and dynamic environments, with multiple sales channels, market segments, sales objectives and KPIs have led him to his current position as Head of Sales Enablement at Freshworks.

Felix helps sales organizations run in an optimised manner, with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity while reducing waste, and he’ll be sharing his knowledge and tips at this year's Sales Enablement Festival, taking place from October 28 - 30, 2020.

With over 30 sales enablement leaders covering everything from AI and metrics to onboarding and coaching, you’re guaranteed to walk away with many new and proven tools, tactics and ideas to turbocharge your sales enablement sales enablement strategy. Plus you’ll receive lifetime access to every talk featured in the festival, so you can watch any that you’ve missed or all your favorites back to back, whenever you need them.

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