Sales Enablement Workshop Series

Sales enablement 101

From building sales enablement libraries to metrics to onboarding to training - and more, the Sales Enablement Workshop Series packs every hot topic into an incredible eight-week series. And it’s coming soon. Very soon.

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A sneak-peek of what you can expect from each session:

Workshop #1: Sales Enablement 101

An overview of the sales enablement landscape as it stands, the core elements behind a killer sales enablement strategy, and how to build and scale an enablement team from the ground up.

Workshop #2: Building your sales enablement library

From battlecards to sales playbooks to comparison charts to sales scripts to email templates get the gist, sales enablement libraries can be varied. In this workshop, we’ll be arming you with all the info you need to create an impactful suite of content, assets, and resources to support selling.

Workshop #3: Deploying sales enablement automation

There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, and salespeople in a team. When your selling machines are busy chasing targets every second counts and in this session, we’ll be talking you through how to identify and implement your time-saving, tech stack essentials.

Workshop #4: Metrics and measurements

Creating awesome content libraries and applying automation is all well and good, but if you can’t demonstrate the impact they’re having on your salespeople and company revenue, how do you know it’s working? Workshop #4 is all about helping you define, track, and analyze the KPIs and OKRs that make most sense for you.

Workshop #5: Onboarding and training

Wanna learn how to better support new recruits? Run an insanely successful virtual SKO? Optimize your training cadence? Onboarding and training are crucial components of the sales enablement function and this workshop covers it all.

Workshop #6: Coaching your reps to success

In almost every organization, you’ll have those standout reps who’re your month in, month out rockstars. This session will be focussed around equipping you with the skills needed to develop a data-driven program that’s a) designed to turn your entire team into sales rockstars, and b) grounded in empathy to drive continuous improvement.

Workshop #7: The engagement imperative

Engaged reps are performing reps. Keeping salespeople engaged isn’t always all that easy though, is it? Join this workshop and walk away with a mountain of inspiration on how to keep your reps inspired, energized, and bought-in - both in-person and remote.

Workshop #8: Holistic role of sales enablement in the organizational matrix

The size and culture of your company, industry you’re in, and market you serve can all impact the position sales enablement bears in your business. In the final session of the series, we’ll be providing you with bucketloads of advice on how you can improve collaboration and build actionable feedback loops with teams and key stakeholders alike.

As you can see, whether you’re looking to boost your knowledge and take your practice to the next level, or you want to make sure that you’re nailing the fundamentals - this 8-week workshop series is the ultimate - and only - guide you’ll need to mastering sales enablement.

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