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April 2021

Exclusive content

How to deliver client centricity across the business value chain

Templates & frameworks

RACI template

Competitive analysis framework - Porter's Five Forces

GTM (Go-to-market) template

March 2021

Exclusive content

Sales and marketing lead optimization

Closing the gap between revenue teams


Revenue Acceleration Festival | March 2021

Templates & frameworks

Storytelling framework template

B2B user persona template

B2C buyer persona template

February 2021

Exclusive content

What does 98% have to do with COVID?

Forming your enablement team


Chief Revenue Officer Summit | February 2021

Templates & frameworks

Product demo checklist template

New hire onboarding checklist

Customer journey template

January 2021

Exclusive content

How to define your sales philosophy and build a coaching culture

Creating a sales playbook from scratch : 7 lessons learned

Templates & frameworks

Customer needs analysis template

B2B buyer persona template

December 2020

Exclusive content

Why should a start-up invest in sales enablement?

Sales enablement: the ultimate sales psychologist

Templates & frameworks

Product sheet template

Competitor comparison chart

Sales confidence survey questions

November 2020

Exclusive content

How to get salespeople to care

Conversations, not content: How sales enablement lost its way

Templates & frameworks

Sales enablement maturity model

Customer case study questions

Sales one-pager template

October 2020

Exclusive content

Drive more efficient sales through smarter sales enablement

Aligning sales and marketing and getting organized for success


Sales Enablement Festival 2020 | October 2020

Templates & frameworks

Sales email templates

Sales script template

September 2020

Exclusive content

Building a bridge between product marketing and sales

Leveraging AI to accelerate sales effectiveness


Future of Sales Festival 2020

Chief Revenue Officer Summit | September 2020

Templates & frameworks

Objection handling script

Battlecard template

Sales playbook template

August 2020

Exclusive content

Educating the next generation of your sales organization

Shifting the nature of learning


Sales Enablement Summit | Austin

Sales Enablement Summit | Sydney

Sales Enablement Summit | San Francisco

Sales Enablement Summit | London